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Maid, daughter mentally ill – judge

A MAID and her daughter who were accused of killing six of their family members will be detained at the President’s pleasure after a judge ruled that they are mentally ill.
When a person is detained at the President’s pleasure, they may be released into the custody of a friend or relative who can guarantee security and care to prevent them from injuring themselves or others.
Lusaka High Court judge Wilfred Muma ruled that Jennifer Chilimungula and Delia Mwanza be detained at the President’s desire because a doctor confirmed that the accused had psychotic disorder at the time of the killings.
“I, therefore, enter a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity and order that accused number one and three be detained at the President’s pleasure,” Judge Muma said in a judgment delivered on Tuesday.
This is in a case Chilimungula, Susan Chimfwembe, and Mwanza, who was a Grade 8 pupil in 2016, were charged with six counts of CLICK TO READ MORE

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