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Magg 44, Abel Chungu unveil Deluxe albums

THE event was dubbed “The Experience,” and despite the relentless downpour of rain last weekend, it did not stop fans of Abel Chungu and Magg 44 from attending the deluxe album launch of the two urban gospel artists.
The well attended show took place on Easter Sunday at Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
Warming up the stage for Abel Chungu and Magg 44 were acts such as Pompi whose self-assured stage presence won the crowd.
Magg 44, who was one of the show’s main hosts, performed some new hits as well as some of his old ones which most of his fans knew by heart.
Backing him on the night were Flow1ne vocalists, Seya and Abi Mali as well as the young songbird, Tasha.
Magg also featured a new artist called The Proof during his set as together they performed The Proof’s song, Follow Follow. The song is currently number one on Radio Christian Voice.
The youthful audience did not need to be asked to stand during the performance but readily did so as soon as the first lines were chorused.
Magg punctuated his performances by directly engaging with the audience and sharing some light humour at intervals.
Immediately following his performance with The Proof, Magg performed his single, One Hit Wonder that absolutely sent the audience wild especially that Magg was joined by the dance group, Spice.
He quickly transitioned to the song Shine and Wave that feature on his debut album, Jijue and has an anthem-like feel to it.
When he performed his hit song, Pwililika, nearly everyone was up on their feet, singing and dancing along to the song’s cheery rhythm.
Before leaving the stage he introduced Abel Chungu and the two performed Abel’s song Chalo,that appears on his first album, Worship of the Love Revolutionary.
When the song was done, Abel asked the audience to observe a moment of silence for the Garissa attack victims killed in Kenya recently.
“Injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere,” he told the crowd as the mood of the concert turned meditative.
Abel then went on to speak about Zambia’s independence struggle and noted how the country has come a long way, 50 years on.
His recognition of Zambia’s political strides is depicted in the song, Chachacha Tatwalale, which appears on his deluxe album and which was heard publicly for the first time last Sunday.
Abel shared with his audience how he wanted his deluxe album to have a kalindula feel in the songs it carried and introduced the afro jazz artist, James Sakala to the stage just as he was explaining this.
Together they did a lively and enjoyable performance of the song, Ba lupwa by Abel.
Much of his set was emotive and tugged at the heart of his audience.
Overall, it was a show worth attending and it certainly lived up to its theme, “The Experience”, as the audience appeared rather content once it was over.

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