Macky II is ‘Ghetto President’


HIP HOP artiste Macky II, who last released his third album in 2013 called Zero to Hero, has finished working on his album which he has titled Ghetto President.

Macky II says he is targeting the international stage with his new album having done almost everything on the local front.
“At some point, you get to realise that you have done everything you can do in this industry, like I’ve won two albums of the year awards and song of the year,” he says.
“There’s no higher stage right now, like I’ve done pretty much everything, so right now, the only way is to cross borders.
“It’s really an album that people in Nigeria would want to listen to, like an album that I’ll have people in Namibia, Tanzania excited, that’s what we did. So, this project is basically trying to push for not just Zambia but for Africa as a whole, that’s why it has taken long.”
Macky II says the album is already done and he is just waiting for the right time to release it. He says he will release two more singles before releasing the album. The two singles are Umutima Wandi featuring Ephraim and Bring It Back that features Chef 187.
“I think the best music is made when there’s a balance between what you feel and what people would want to hear out there. So right now I don’t think I’ve got enough hype to put out an album,” Macky says.
“We will put out two more singles then I’ll know when is the right time to release the album, I thought we’d do that by December but apparently we haven’t managed to put out the singles, because we wanted to put out both singles with videos.”
Macky II’s most recent single is a song titled I Made It In Life which was inspired by the hashtag #I think I’ve made it in life that was trending on social media.
He says he is working with the likes of Israel, Chef 187, T-Sean, Pilato, JK, T-Sean, Kekero, Dyce and Cream Dollar.

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