Mac Sparrow rides on ‘Nkongole’

URBAN-AFRO music recording artiste Mac Sparrow

URBAN-AFRO music recording artiste Mac Sparrow, who started out as a producer in 2004 until last year when he made the switch, last week released a single titled Nkongole.
Mac Sparrow, who was born Jack Mutemi, says the song, which means “to be in debt”, portrays a story of a man that commits to his woman.
He says she is an inspiration for him to work hard and better their lifestyles at any cost and that if he does not deliver, he will remain indebted to her. Mac says the composition of Nkongole started from a selection of friendly car sampling songs.
“When one played that caught my attention, it got us to the studio with Magic [Magician of Crystal Ball Music], jokingly lacing the beat, next thing you know we had a song,” he says.
Magician has done productions for the likes of Mic Burner, Kaladoshas, Bomb$hell and JK, among others.
Mac says growing up, he was exposed to a lot music with his cousins being hip-hop heads, his mother and aunties, lovers of country music, while his grandparents loved old Zambian music rooted in tradition and culture.
He says this helped stir the passion in him for cross genre music.
In fact, Mac Sparrow started off with spoken word poetry in his young age, and before he knew it, he started recording his first song called Problem.
Mac Sparrow is now currently working on an EP, which he says will involve a lot of cross genre influence, local and international so that the music can be embraced internationally.
“The upcoming artist knows that his music is unique and different in the flexibility of common musical style. Mac Sparrow’s ability to rap and sing on almost any type of rhythm can contribute a lot to the Zambian music scene in consistency and border exposure,” his publicist said in a statement to the Weekend Mail.

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