Letter to the Editor

LWSC, improve services in Kwamwena, Vorna, Ndeke

Dear editor,
I WISH to register my displeasure at the way Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) is billing its clients in Kwamwena, Vorna and Ndeke.
The billing started two months ago and to date no water bills have been dispatched to clients.
In my case, I had to send my account number to LWSC through email but did not receive any response until I called them. To my surprise, I was given a K445 bill for a period of one and half months. I am wondering how using water for household chores only can accumulate such a huge bill.
In view of the above, I am urging LWSC management to improve its services, otherwise it will discourage clients from being connected to this newly-installed water system.
Currently not everyone in the mentioned areas is connected to the system. Residents need to pay K1,000 connection fee to be connected, but with a poor service it will be difficult to attract new clients.
Let LWSC distribute bills on time and avoid overcharging clients. It is unacceptable to pay K450 in one and half months when water supply is also erratic.

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