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Luyando: Fashion, chemical engineering my passion

THE love of clothes has made Luyando Konayuma to seriously start thinking of taking fashion designing as a career when she completes her senior secondary school education.
Globally, fashion is over a trillion dollar industry.

Luyando, 17, a Grade 12 pupil at David Kaunda Technical Secondary School in Lusaka, believes that she would make a good fashion designer.

“I want to become a fashion designer because I love clothes,” she says. “I would also love to pursue chemical engineering because it’s something I can apply my knowledge on and contribute to national development.”
Luyando spends most of her free time reading, writing, baking and also doing décor and beauty-related activities to sharpen her fashion skills.
The second in the family of four, Luyando is of the view that life would be boring without education.
“Education keeps us busy, imagine a life without having to learn,” she says. “Education also helps us know how to read and write. Through education, one is able to understand various life situations, education helps to equip people with sustainable skills which contribute to development and survival.”
Her favourite subjects at school are chemistry, mathematics, physics and history.
Luyando also has a dream to open up a power supply company and publish a book.
“I would love to go to Brazil, specifically Floranopolis because the place is beautiful,’ she says. “I would also love to visit Fiji Island and South Korea so that I can meet some of their actors and actresses I have been watching on television.”
She must be a fun of Telenovelas.
Luyando’s advice to her fellow pupils and other young people is to stay focused and work hard if they want to achieve their dreams.
“Constant studying is key for academic success on the part of every student,” she says. “Pupils must work hard and put in their best in studying. Pupils must read to understand as opposed to memorising.” she said.


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