Letter to the Editor

Lusaka Council should stop construction of toilet

Dear editor,
ZAMBEEF is one of the country’s most successful agri-businesses and an equal opportunity employer. The company intends to open an outlet adjacent to City Clothing Factory in Lusaka to continue providing the service it is known for, including creating employment for our young people.
However, there is a public toilet which is expected to be opened on the corner of Nkhwazi and Lumumba roads.
This toilet is totally at variance with Zambeef business because of the nature of products dispensed by the agri-business firm.
It will be at variance with the hygienic standards required to run a meat outlet.
The promoters of the construction of the toilet seem adamant.
It is therefore prudent for the Lusaka City Council through the office of the mayor and public health to intervene because this toilet may only benefit one or two people while Zambeef will serve hundreds of Lusaka customers.
Your intervention Mr Miles Sampa is sought like yesterday to save Lumumba/Nkhwazi roads from stinking.

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