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Boy, 16, nabbed for posing as woman

A 16-YEAR-OLD boy of Kitwe who impersonated a woman has been arrested for alleged cheating and assault after he duped a man, who picked him up at a bar.
The boy, dressed in women’s clothes and decorated with hair extensions, is detained at Ndeke Police Station in Kitwe.
He was arrested after he allegedly fought and assaulted his client, who was angered on discovering that he was actually not a man.
Copperbelt commissioner of police Charity Katanga visited the suspect and wondered why he wanted to be a woman.
“If you want to be a woman, we can exchange,” Ms Katanga said jokingly.
According to a report from the officer in-charge, Mepas Chilindila, the boy was at Inongo Bar in Ndeke Changachanga area when a man picked him up, thinking that he was a woman.
He said that the client was shocked to discover that the “woman” he had picked was a man. A fight then ensued between the two and the boy allegedly assaulted his client.
“Initially, when this man was brought to our station, we charged him with assault, but when we looked at how he was dressed, we decided to also charge him with cheating. We have checked him and verified that actually he is a man,” Mr Chilindila told Ms Katanga.
Meanwhile, a man aged about 19 has allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the eighth floor of an abandoned building near the town centre in Lusaka, ZONDIWE MBEWE reports.
Lusaka Province commissioner of police Nelson Phiri said the incident happened on Tuesday, saying the deceased could have been a street kid.
He said the man fell to his death from a building at the junction of Katondo Road and Freedom Way in Lusaka’s central business district.
“According to his colleagues, the guy committed suicide because he was frustrated with life,” he said


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