Lunzua power authority invests in hydro project

LUNZUA Power Authority will invest US$850 million on the establishment of a hydro-power station between the Lumangwe and Kundabwika falls in Northern Province, which will have capacity to generate

247 megawatts of electricity.
Northern Province minister Brian Mundubile said in an interview yesterday that the power authority has already conducted feasibility studies on the project and are currently doing the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA).
Mr Mundubile said the hydro-power station will greatly help to cushion the country’s power deficit.
“This power project is not only intended to benefit the northern circuit but also the entire country. The 247 megawatts of power that will be generated cannot all be consumed in the Northern Province,” he said.
Mr Mundubile said Government wants to ensure more hydro-power stations are established in Northern Province owing to the immense water bodies that are in the area.
He said power generation at the moment is more concentrated in the Southern Province, which usually experiences droughts.
Mr Mundubile said the hydro-power station will also help to boost economic activities in the province as investors will be able to set up industries that will be supplied with sufficient energy.
“With more energy in the province, we are going to see more industries being established that will greatly help to create job opportunities for the local people,” he said.
And Mr Mundubile said the province has great potential in mining and that a number of investors have shown interest in conducting mineral explorations in the area.


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