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Lungwangwa urges Cabinet office to improve efficiency in civil service

NALIKWANDA member of Parliament Geoffrey Lungwangwa (MMD) has urged the Cabinet office to improve efficiency in the civil service.
Professor Lungwangwa was contributing to debate on the budget for Cabinet office in Parliament on Tuesday.
“Cabinet is a neutral institution that should transcend political lines. Political parties only guide Government,” Prof Lungwangwa said.
He said at present, political cadres are considered to be more important than opposition leaders.
“Cabinet should pull up its socks and serve the public better,” Prof Lungwangwa said.
And Ikelengí MP Elijah Muchima (MMD) described Cabinet office as the hub of Government.
Mr Muchima said when the Patriotic Front (PF) took over Government, there was circus at Cabinet as cadres were given preference over Government officials.
“I was a civil servant for a long time. Nowadays the civil service is not straight. It is ‘zig-zag’. It is like a drunken man. Cabinet is not doing its job,” he said.
Mr Muchima said Cabinet should not serve people on the basis of political tags.

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