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It’s Lungu all the way, says Sampa

FROM left: Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama, Matero member of Parliament Miles Sampa and Information deputi minister Forrie Tembo at the PF Party Secretariat

MATERO member of Parliament Miles Sampa says his resignation from Government as deputy minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry is to give him enough time to concentrate on campaigning for the Patriotic Front (PF) in readiness for next year’s election.
Mr Sampa said he sought President Lungu’s authority to step down from Government so that he could start campaigning for the PF.
“I told my President [Lungu] that there is need for ground work and for me to campaign properly, I needed to resign from Government but not the party. I will die in PF,” he said.
Mr Sampa said this yesterday at a press briefing attended by PF secretary-general Davies Chama.
He said he does not see anything wrong in President Lungu and, therefore, there is no reason for him to resign from the party.
“I want to participate in the campaigns because time is not with us. Soon, we will go into an election. Campaigning is more fun for me,” he said.
Mr Sampa said he is keeping his promise of supporting President Lungu until he gets a second term.
“I am not resigning from PF. All I want is to campaign and work for the party. I suffered in the opposition for 10 years, so why should I resign now when our party is in power?” he wondered.
And Mr Chama said as the chief executive officer of the PF, he has a responsibility to unite the party.
“My core duty as CEO of the party is to ensure that we all rally behind President Lungu, So when I hear rumours or misunderstandings, I take charge,” Mr Chama said.
He said Mr Sampa called him on Thursday night wanting to clear the air surrounding his resignation from Government.
“The enemy wants to distract the President from finding solutions to the challenges facing the nation. This is a very difficult era for the nation. We have load shedding, rains have not started yet, So I want the President to concentrate on work,” Mr Chama said.

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