Lungu for united Zambia – Chama

PRESIDENT Lungu’s appointment into Cabinet of members of other parties is aimed at uniting Zambia and not to suppress the opposition.
Speaking at the Press Freedom Committee of The Post newspaper on Tuesday evening, Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davies Chama said President Lungu deserves the support of all peace-loving Zambians because he has shown that Zambia will be stronger when united.
He said president Lungu has the interest of all Zambians at heart as evidenced by his leadership style.
Mr Lungu is appointing people who challenged him prior to the January 20 presidential election and members of the opposition parties because he wants to unify the nation, Mr Chama added.
Mr Chama said political party leaders who do not embrace the spirit of One-Zambia, One Nation, will be rejected by the people and their efforts to serve Zambia will fail.
He said some leaders were practising regional politics, saying such machinations are dangerous for the social and economic advancement of the country.
The PF chief said because of President Lungu’s all-inclusive government, the ruling party is certain of remaining in power for several decades to come.
He said the PF will rule for the next 50 years because it is founded on true democracy and pro-poor policies.
Mr Chama also called on United Party for National Development (UPND) members of Parliament (MPs) who desire to join the PF to come out in the open.
Mr Chama said some UPND MPs have been secretly approaching the PF with intentions of joining the party but the ruling party has advised them to come out in the open because it will protect them from intimidation.
Mr Chama said the PF is founded on democracy and the intra-party differences which emerged before the January election were an exhibition of democratic tenets.

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