Lungu to release constitution roadmap

MINISTER of Justice Edgar Lungu says he will next week release the roadmap on the constitution-making process and meet the .
Mr Lungu said in Lusaka yesterday that the decision was arrived at on Monday evening after a meeting with Attorney General Musa Mwenye and Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska over the constitution review process.
“Like I told you on Sunday, I last evening [Monday] met with my colleagues from Government over the issue of the constitution and we have agreed that we work out the roadmap,” said Mr Lungu, who is also Minister of Defence and Patriotic Front (PF) secretary-general.
Mr Lungu said it was realised during the meeting that people do not have adequate details on how to enact a new constitution hence the decision to engage them.
“Some people are very sentimental about the new constitution so I am working on a paper which I will submit to the public. We want to know the roadmap and how much it will cost and so on and so forth,” he said.
Mr Lungu said if those demanding enactment of a new constitution really understood what it takes to put one in place, they would slow down on their demands and sympathise with Government.
“We are part of the people, so we don’t want to fight over the constitution. We want to fight over issues of development,” he said.
Mr Lungu said after he is through with the draft roadmap, he will consult the grand coalition on how to mobilise money and go about other things.
He said Part III of the constitution, which is the Bill of Rights, requires a referendum to effect amendments.
Mr Lungu explained that before a referendum is conducted, a census is required, including a new voters’ roll.
“The critical and worrying part is money in this constitution-making process. If the grand coalition says we stop building roads and other infrastructure and divert the money to the constitution, then we will do so,” he said.
Mr Lungu, who has since left the country for other official duties in Botswana, said he will immediately attend to the roadmap on his return next week.
Grand coalition chairperson Leonard Chiti told the Daily Mail on Monday that he was happy that Mr Lungu has shown “signs” of desire to give Zambians a new constitution.

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