Lungu schools politicians

PRESIDENT Lungu has advised politicians against advocating constitution changes for political expediency.
He said those who jump at clauses they do not believe in like constitutional reforms will soon find out that the constitution is a reality and they will find it very uncomfortable to do politics.
“These politicians thought they were winning political mileage. If you do not believe in a cause, please do not advocate it, in case you get it. They were saying human rights. Human rights are coming and they are very worried. Why should they worry if they believed in it?” President Lungu asked.
The President said this at State House yesterday after swearing in Ms Thandiwe Oteng as Ministry of Justice permanent secretary in charge of administration.
He said the new constitution reflects the people’s wishes and Government must, therefore, do what people want.
President Lungu said this is a chapter in which most Zambian politicians merely want power and so they subscribe to causes that are popular at a given time.
“Zambians will judge between me and those others through the ballot who has political skills and judgment,” he said.
President Lungu said he has right political judgment and that is why he is head of State.
He said he knows what he is doing contrary to what some politicians think, that he does not know anything.
“I was watching footage of some politicians cheering themselves saying Lungu knows nothing. I know what I am doing,” President Lungu said.
Meanwhile, President Lungu has urged civil servants to support each other, especially when one is elevated to a higher position.
“In the past, the civil service has been complaining that it is not looked at as professionals and instead preference is political cadres for high-level jobs,” President Lungu said.
President Lungu also asked Vice-President Inonge Wina, who was present at the ceremony, as to why women do not support each other.
“Women, please support each other. Madam Vice-President, why shouldn’t women support each other in professional careers such as law or accounts, even in politics? If you do not support each other, how can the President support you?” President Lungu said.
He said it is actually women who go to him [President Lungu] to denounce their fellow women who are earmarked for promotion.
And President Lungu has tasked Ms Oteng to explore ways of collaboration with the Electoral Commission of Zambia to ensure that the Bill of Rights is included in the constitution at election time.

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