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Lungu says political affiliation is a democratic right

PRESIDENT Lungu being briefed by PF Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Stephen Masumba looks on during the launch of full rehabilitation works of the dilapidated Solwezi -Chingola Road at St. Dorothy east of Solwezi on Thursday. PICTURE: BETRAM KAOMA /ZANIS

PRESIDENT Lungu has urged Zambians to enjoy the peace and democracy prevailing in the country and be free to belong to political parties of their choice.
Speaking when he addressed hundreds of residents and party enthusiasts who turned up to welcome him at Solwezi Airport yesterday, President Lungu said: “Belong to any political party of your choice. If you want to be in Patriotic Front, stay so. If you want to remain on the clock (MMD), remain on the clock. If you are on the forward party (UPND), be there. We are all Zambians. I am going to be your leader, whether you like me or not.”
Mr Lungu also said he wants local contractors to benefit from the massive infrastructure development projects Government is implementing countrywide.
He said Zambian contractors should deliver quality works for them to benefit from the road projects his administration is implementing across the country.
“We should get quality work for the money and we shall not allow short cuts,” he said.
And Mr Lungu says he has delegated his powers to his aides and they must not be frowned upon whenever they are carrying out duties because they are doing so on his behalf.
“The provincial minister (Dawson Kafwaya, North-Western) is acting on my behalf.  When I delegate to Honourable (Lucky) Mulusa, he is acting on my behalf. If you frustrate him, you are frustrating me,” President Lungu said.
He said he does not want to become a supervisor of shoddy works and this is the reason why he revived the office of special assistant for projects monitoring and implementation at State House to ensure contractors deliver quality works.
“If they (contractors) do not do quality work, we shall tell them ‘sela tubombeko’ (step aside, we work). I am a politician who wants to be taken by my word. I want to assure you that this is part of my work, so let us work together,” President Lungu told a jubilant crowd.
He said next time he visits North-Western Province, he wants to travel using the Chingola-Solwezi road so that he can have a feel of the quality of works done.


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