‘Lungu to deliver development’

SINAZONGWE member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene says President Lungu is committed to developing Southern Province despite not marshalling a lot of votes in January’s presidential election.
President Lungu commissioned the re-opening of Collum Coal Mine last Thursday, a mining project that will employ hundreds of locals.
Mr Siamunene said some politicians peddled lies against President Lungu during the campaigns but that they are now being exposed.
He said people of Sinazongwe are happy that despite not voting for President Lungu, he has visited them to deliver development.
“The people of Sinazongwe are happy that the President decided to visit and assure them of development,” he said.
He said President Lungu has demonstrated good leadership since assuming office in January.
He said people in Sinazeze turned up in large numbers to welcome the President during the re-opening of Collum Coal Mine because they have discovered that he was a visionary leader who also has a heart for the people.
Mr Siamunene also urged the people to respect the President and give him support so that he can deliver development.

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