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Lungu 100 days progressive – NGO

THE Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution (SACCORD) has described the 100 days of President Edgar Lungu’s style of governance as progressive but with numerous challenges.
And SACCORD has called on President Lungu to expedite the constitutional making process and tackle poverty levels especially in rural areas.
SACCORD executive director Boniface Cheembe said one area that President Lungu has changed is the improved sense of communication.
Mr Cheembe cited the briefs after cabinet meetings and the openness regarding President Lungu’s recent medical examination as progressive way governance.
“The way President Lungu allowed transparency regarding his recent medical examinations both in Zambia and when he went to South Africa is encouraging. This is a new trend in the governance of our country, it has never happened before,” Mr Cheembe said.
Mr Cheembe said looking back at President Lungu’s inaugural speech, his commitment to striking a balance between local and foreign investment seems to be on track.
“Look at his inaugural speech on various issues like investment and international relations, President Lungu in his three months of office has engaged very well with fellow leaders in the region, a thing that is beneficial to the Zambian people,” Mr Cheembe said.
However, Mr Cheembe said the levels of poverty and the speed at which the constitutional-making process is going are worrying.
“Poverty and unemployment are reaching alarming levels that need serious attention from Government and its co-operating partners,” Mr Cheembe said.

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