Letter to the Editor

Lubengele clinic works commendable

Dear editor,
THE current works going on at Lubengele clinic in Chililabombwe using Constituency Development Fund (CDF) are commendable and need the support of all well-meaning residents of the district.So far, the wall fence has been done in order to enhance security at the health facility, which caters for a big population from PP Zambia, Lubengele and all former ZCCM townships.
Under the guidance and able leadership of area member of Parliament and Minister of Mines Richard Musukwa, the centre has a new mother’s shelter for the first time.
Besides, the OPD is also being expanded to decongest the facility.
Lastly, it is my prayer that all township roads in the former ZCCM areas will get facelift just like the PF government has done in Kamenza and Lubengele Township.

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