Letter to the Editor

Luanshya Thomson Hospital needs facelift, restocking

Dear editor,
FIRST and foremost, I wish to commend the doctors, nurses and the entire general workforce of Luanshya’s Thomson Hospital. Despite the hospital having been built a long time ago and having sparsely stocked with drugs and equipment, doctors and nurses try all they can to save lives of their clients, who are the patients.
Floors and walls of this hospital do not respond to mops or scrubbing brushes. It makes the cleaning members of staff look like amateurs, yet they are among the best.
Most patients, if not all, on TB drugs are given prescriptions to get B6 drug from chemists. Ask the pharmacist, they don’t even remember when they last had it in stock. This is just an example.
Some patients are admitted who are on Erythromycin and yet they are just given a prescription to go and get the drug from a drugstore only to be administered in hospital. If you have no money you will go on for days in hospital without medication and doctors will helplessly watch over.
Walk in the ward, the stock chart does not match with what is in the ward. Some wards have no drip stands and nurses are left with no option but to either hang the drip on louvres or window frames.
Windows have no net wires to prevent mosquitoes from coming in and yet you are advised to keep windows open 24/7 for obvious reasons of protecting patients from contracting communicable diseases.
With this development, it makes the work of the health personnel is hard and puts the life and health of the patients at risk. You go in with diarrhoea and come out with malaria.
I therefore appeal to the Ministry of Health and its cooperating partners to seriously and urgently look into this matter and give it the quickest prompt attention it deserves.

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