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Luangwa police step up campaign against defilement

LUANGWA officer-in-charge Muleta Mataa says the Victim Support Unit has intensified the sensitisation campaign on the importance of reporting defilement cases to the police.
Mr Mataa said in an interview in Luangwa recently that most of the people in Luangwa are still hesitant to report defilement cases to the police.
“Many cases of defilement have gone unreported because of the cultural belief. People want to keep it as a family secret, while others fail to report defilement cases because of lack of transport from their home villages to the police,” he said.
Mr Mataa said Luangwa being a rural area, families want to treat certain things as a secret.
He, however, said with the help of Chief Mpuka, who is an advocate of against gender- based violence, community members are being sensitised.
Mr Mataa said the police have made available a telephone number to Luangwa residents on which the police can be reached.
“We provide transport for the victims to enable them report the matter and then take them back to their respective villages,” he said.
Mr Mataa is confident that with the sensitisation that is going on and the provision of transport to the residents, the cases of defilement will be addressed.
He said the residents have also seen the need to be pro-active to report defilement cases.
“Police officers who have gone round the community have not faced any resistance from the community. Most of them agree with the officers and have promised to help curb the vice,’ Mr Mataa said.

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