Be loyal, Mihova orders army personnel


ZAMBIA Army Commander Paul Mihova has called on the army to remain non-partisan and ensure loyalty to the government of the day as the country goes to the polls next year.
Lieutenant-General Mihova has also warned officers that those found wanting will be dealt with ‘accordingly’.
“As we go into 2016 which is an election year, I implore all of you, the Zambia Army officers and soldiers, to remain non-partisan but loyal to the government of the day,” he said.
Gen Mihova said this in a speech read for him by deputy Army Commander and Chief of Staff Topply Lubaya during the anniversary celebrations of intake 17 of 1990 at army headquarters in Lusaka on Saturday.
“As we approach the 2016 general elections, I wish to remind you to avoid being partisan politics. Because those found wanting will be disciplined accordingly,” he said.
Gen Mihova said military officers and soldiers should always be loyal to the government of the day and uphold the Constitution of country and its people.
He also warned army personnel not to be used by ‘wrong people’, who would leave them in trouble when something wrong happened.
And he said the silver jubilee celebration of intake 17 of 1990 remains significant as it marks a turning point in the officers’ lives.
He said such a function gives officers an opportunity for self-reflection and introspection.
“As command, we are proud to note that your intake, though small in number, has made indispensable contributions to the army and country in general,” he said.
The army commander also advised officers to take good care of their spouses, as they have contributed to their successes and that they should be their number one partners in planning retirement projects.
And Lieutenant-Colonel Joachim Mwenda, speaking on behalf of the intake, said 68 officers were selected but only 38 received presidential commission.
Col Mwenda said out of the 38 officer cadets who started training, 30 were in the army, five in Zambia National Service and two in the Office of the President Special Division.

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