Love for radio brought Charles, Doreen together

THE power of radio brought together Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) senior producer Charles Mucholo and his wife of 10 years, Doreen Gakhuba.
While Mr Mucholo was informing and entertaining listeners via the microphone, Doreen was glued to the radio enjoying the broadcast in Kitwe.
But little did the two know that they would end up as husband and wife.
Doreen always wondered who Charles Mucholo really was as she enjoyed one of the programmes that he presented tiltled “Over to you.”
At that time Doreen was based in Kitwe’s Wusakile township.
The two finally met in 2006 here in Lusaka at Matero Seventh Day Adventist Church when Doreen was visiting her sister.
“Before I got to know her, I first knew her sister Emelda. We were very good friends with her sister who was also residing in Matero. With time, I became a family friend to Emelda and her husband. I had no idea that her sister would be my wife,” said Mr Mucholo.
When Mr Mucholo set his eyes on Doreen in church, he says he immediately fell in love with her.
“I began monitoring her movements without her knowing and I put into practice my investigative journalism skills and I found out that she was the sister of Emelda who was a good friend of mine,” he said.
When the two were introduced to each other, they knew something about each other from the radio experience.
“We had one thing in common and that was the programme that I presented and produced called “Over to you”. We could talk about my programmes and other related issues,” he said.
After some months, Mr Mucholo proposed to Doreen and he was told to wait.
Doreen thought the proposal was a joke, some men do, but Mr Mucholo was serious about it.
“I started waiting patiently because I was not in a hurry even though I was madly in love with her. I still did not want to show desperation. After some months, she accepted and I made it clear that I meant business because I did not want to jump from one woman to another,” he said.
This was the beginning of the Mucholo family that resides in Lusaka’s Matero township with their three children.
To show his seriousness, Mr Mucholo sent representatives to inform Doreen’s parents about his intentions.
Fortunately, everything went as planned and on April 27, 2008, the two were joined as husband and wife.
The Mucholos describe marriage as a good union that if nurtured well, can lead to the development of a nation.
In the 10 years they have been together, the two have managed to upgrade their academic qualifications.
“My wife was straight from Grade 12 when we met, but she has now upgraded to a primary school teaching diploma holder. Apart from improving our qualifications, we have also improved those of some of our relatives,” he said.
Mrs Mucholo says she respects and adores her husband because he is caring and supportive.
“He sponsored me to get a diploma in teaching despite having two children at the time. He still supported me and the children,” she said.
Despite scoring some successes in their marriage, the Mucholos have their share of challenges.
Some of the challenges the couple has faced include financial, misunderstandings and disagreements.
“Despite facing challenges, we have never gone our separate ways because we concentrate on what unites us than what divides us. This is one principle that has kept us together,” said Mr Mucholo.
He says his wife has been with him in happy and sad moments.
“Time has also been a challenge in our marriage. By virtue of my job, I move a lot and you find that I might not have time with my wife and children,” he said.
The Mucholos regard communication as a very important tool in a marriage.
“Dressing is also sometimes a challenge because I would choose an outfit and my wife chooses something else and convinces me that it is the best,” he said.
As the head of the house, Mr Mucholo says a man must secure his territory and protect his marriage against external forces.
“I cannot be happy to see another man giving a magnetic hug to my wife. In our culture those are signs of disrespecting me. I encountered such a situation and I sat my wife down and we resolved it,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mrs Mucholo says she is used to women interacting with her husband considering the nature of his job.
The two have advice to couples that intend to get married.
“They should not centre their interest on wealth because that wealth can vanish. Work together and create wealth, once you do that you feel part and parcel of the success,” she said.

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