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‘Love came when I least expected’

IT HAS been said a million times -you fall in love at a time you least expect.
This was the case for Sangsta and Liberty Mutuna. The couple met in February 2008. One day Mr Mutuna was asked by a friend to escort him to deliver keys in Lusaka’s Rhodespark area.
It was there Mr Mutuna met the love of his life, Sangsta.
“The very first day we met, something clicked such that we had a lot of laughter and felt like we could make good friends,” Mr Mutuna said.
“Seriously, she came at a time I least expected, I was not thinking of finding a partner at that time.”
Two years later on June 26, 2010, Mr Mutuna and Sangsta were joined together in holy matrimony at Northmead Assemblies of God.
Some people would call it whirlwind romance. But for Mr Mutuna and Sangsta it was not.
“To us, it’s more like destiny seized without wasting time and without letting go, we do not believe in the idea of people saying you need to court for years to know each other.”
“Having had lived for over three decades as a bachelor, I had my share of stories and when I met her, I just felt complete. I was 32 years when we got married and my wife was 29,” Mr Mutuna said.
According to Mr Mutuna the most thing that attracted him to Sangsta was the fact that she is a born-again Christian and her ability to share the word of God.
Mr Mutuna says he was not a strong believer then but with the coming of Sangsta in his life, he has been helped to be stronger in his faith.
According to Mr Mutuna, one unique thing that binds them together as a couple is their faith in God.
Mr and Mrs Mutuna say they draw inspiration from their spiritual parents Bishop and Reverend David Nama who have been instrumental in shaping their five-year-old marriage.
Apart from their spiritual parents, there are a number of other people who have touched their lives in the five years they have been together.
The couple said they will always be grateful to Bishop Boyd Banda, Mr and Mrs Ngulube all of Northmead Assemblies of God and all those who have added value to their lives.
“Bishop and Rev David Nama have been an inspiration and mentors in our five years of marriage. We have never experienced marriage as a ‘shipikisha club’ as it is usually referred to. This is all because of these wonderful people surrounding us,’ Mr Mutuna said.
Through prayer, the couple has also learnt to find comfort in the Lord.
“Those that know us will tell you that we are a living testimony. It has been hard to quarrel because my wife is a prayerful woman and whatever difference we may have, she will pray and seek God over the situation,” Mr Mutuna said.
For this couple, their secret has been prayer and living each day as if it was their last day.
Mr Mutuna says, “When you get to look at life through the window of appreciation, everything falls in its place. We try by all means to use every moment to the fullest. We spend quality time together as husband and wife. We also spare time for our 3 children.”
Apart from being prayerful, love, tolerance and patience with each other has helped them enjoy their five years together. They also treat each day as though it was the last in their lives.
For Sangsta her husband complements her.
“He is a public speaker and I am not. He is a driver and not hesitant to take risks and I am the opposite. He is a big dreamer and visionary and I don’t go that way until I am sure of what I want to do. So having someone like him is a blessing because he has qualities that I don’t have and when we are together, we complete each other,” she said.
Hospitality is another virtue that Sangsta loves about her husband, “My husband gets along very well with everybody and that is what I admire the most in him. He loves to learn, as he said earlier, he was not a strong believer then but as we walked through life, he has grown stronger.” She added.
According to the Mutunas, love, praying together and learning to handle differences is the utmost secret to a successful marriage.

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