Love affair with forests

WAKUNG’UMA. picture right, some of the products Wakung’uma supplies to supermarkets.

WESLEY Wakung’uma, 43, grew up in Malala village, in Livingstone, where he was raised by his single mother until the age of eight.
Between the ages of five and eight, he used to take care of cows as a shepherd. Even at that tender age, he was expected to contribute to the sustenance of the household.
“If you call that child labour, then I don’t know because for me, it shaped the person I am today,” says Wakung’uma, who is now chief executive officer of Busika Nature’s Fusion, a brand name for Busika tamarind paste and drink and Mabuyu (Baobab) powder and drink. “I learned to be responsible and it’s the circumstances I found myself in that I had to provide for my family at a tender age.”
At the age of nine, he learnt that his father had relocated to Kafue. It is there where he started Grade One at Kasenje Primary School. The family later moved to Livingstone, where he continued with his school. He excelled at school and was appointed school captain in Grade Six and Seven.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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