Lost in the digital society of Estonia

PARTICIPANTS at the Tallinn University organised Crossmedia Summer School visiting one of Estonia’s fastest growing information technology companies, Pipedrive. Picture right, the author between sculptures of renowned Irish writers Oscar Wilde (left) and Eduard Wilde.

FRANCIS LUNGU, Tallinn, Estonia
IT WAS easy to take offence and even raise accusations of racism.
“Francis, tell us something, is it true that you live with animals; [like] lions and even snakes in your homes?” two journalists from Armenia asked me.
Clearly, you could tell that they did not know much about Africa.
This was in Tallinn, Estonia, where I had gone to attend the Crossmedia Summer School organised by Tallinn University’s Baltic, Film, Media and Arts Communication section.
I was the only African in a group of nine foreign journalists from Armenia (three), Chile (one) Lebanon (one), Malaysia (one) and Mongolia (one) who had travelled to this northern part of Europe for the programme. The other participant from Oman did not manage to travel.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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