Letter to the Editor

Lost childhood

Dear editor,
YOU would agree with me that childhood should be full of joy, peace, carefree and innocence of playing, learning and growing.
Yet, it is a sad fact for countless children in Zambia; such childhood is out of reach. Just think of hundreds, perhaps thousands of children who are forced to live on the streets sniffing glue.
Imagine, too, all those children whose lives are blighted by poor child welfare and protection policies. They suffer immensely as victims of neglect, cruelty and exploitation. It is to this end that there must be a realize that providing children with adequate rest, social integration and emotional care and security contribute to healthy development and realisation of the child’s potential capacities.
As a child is exposed to a unique period of opportunity to his or her field of endeavours, transformation into a person of impact in that area and becomes inevitable.
For most of us, it is difficult to imagine how a child feels when denied
entry into school because there is no money to buy school uniforms and pay school fees or is forced to live on the streets because that is the only way to make ends meet.
In times like these, where there is growing tragedy of lost childhood, we are called to put our hearts where the treasure is: towards the children.
We have to look at the vulnerable members of society, empathise with them, share their joy and sorrows, and implement long term programmes, which will move them from their socio-economic quagmire. Only then will we and Government be able to curb the high levels of street children.

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