Letter to the Editor

Looking to study in China: ZACOSA our help

Dear editor,
I WISH to commend the Zambia – China former Students Association (ZACOSA) for setting up a secretariat at the Chinese Centre in Lusaka where they are helping students aspiring to study in China.

For a long time now, some parents/ guardians, including aspiring students, relied on advertisements on social and mainstream media for guidance on how to access universities or colleges in China.
This came at a huge cost because of the high fees people were being asked to pay in exchange for information.
However, ZACOSA has done well to come to the aid of parents/guardians for providing information almost free because the K50.00 being charged for sessions every Saturday is nothing compared to the extortionist fees people were parting away with.
But thanks to ZACOSA for providing a one-stop place for school-leavers and their parents/guardians, there is an opportunity to meet actual graduates from China in various fields, receive unlimited advice, have access to over 100 top institutions, receive accommodation advice and apply on the spot.
What more can people ask for?
Keep it up ZACOSA.

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