Looking for excellence in municipals

MINISTER of Local Government Vincent Mwale (centre) and AFCONS Infrastructure Limited project manager Subkata Bandyopadhaya (left) inspecting works under the Lusaka City Decongestion Project. PICTURE: COLLINS PHIRI

IN LAST week’s column, Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale explained how his ministry plays a critical role in the transformation of living standards of people because it is physically closer to the people than central government.
In line with Government Gazette Notice number 836 of 2016, the Ministry of Local Government is responsible for the amusement play parks, business hours, cemeteries and burial sites, council nurseries, crematoria, feeder roads and township roads, film censorship, fire services, levies, liquor licensing, local authorities training and local government policy.
Further functions include running of markets and bus stations, plant nurseries, street lighting, registration of clubs, rates, theatre and cinemas policy, urban and regional planning and valuation of property and solid waste management.
Mr Mwale admitted the challenges existing in the running of markets and bus stations despite the Markets and Bus Stations’ Act of 2007 providing the authority for the management of markets and bus stations countrywide to local authorities.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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