Look beyond maize, farmers urged

Soya beans farm.

NKEYEMA district commissioner Fridah Luhila has urged farmers to consider growing crops other than maize.
Mrs Luhila encouraged farmers to grow crops such as groundnuts, cassava and soya beans in an effort to promote value addition and develop the processing industry.
She said most farmers have concentrated on growing maize alone and this is affecting the production of other cash crops with the potential to increase income generation and food security.
In an interview in Nkeyema recently, Mrs Luhila said food security is a challenge in the district due to low crop productivity and lack of diversification.
She said the district has plenty of undeveloped land that farmers can utilise to grow various agricultural crops that will help address the food challenges.
“There is need for farmers to increase production through crop diversification by not growing maize alone, but also other cash crops that can promote value addition.
“Once farmers start diversifying and increase their productivity, it is going to be easy for investors to come and invest in the district by setting up a processing plants that will not only create a ready market for the farmers, but also jobs for the local people,” she said.
Mrs Luhila said farmers can also grow crops such as rice and potatoes to generate more income.
She said some farmers should also consider venturing into fish farming to promote growth in the sector and food diversity in the district.

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