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Lodge owners, landlords promoting teen sex must face law – Mwale

CENTRE for Reproductive Health executive director Amos Mwale has implored the law enforcement agencies to ensure that lodge owners and landlords who have turned their houses into sex dens for young people are arrested and face the wrath of the law.
Mr Mwale said the recent incidence in Kanyama township where police officers arrested nine girls, five boys and two adults allegedly caught having sex at a house which was allegedly being used as a brothel in Kanyama township calls for more investigation.
He said what happened in Kanyama was just a tip of what goes on in many townships in Lusaka.
Mr Mwale said his organisation is concerned with the growing trend of group sex among young people which is posing a high risk to HIV and AIDS infections among adolescents.
Mr Mwale said media reports of young people having group sex from some townships shows that the youths have no skills to decide what is best for them.
He appealed to the church, community leaders and parents to ensure that they watch what the children are doing.
Mr Mwale said leaders both at community and national level should play a role to mentor young people.
“We echo the appeal by Vice-President Inonge Wina who recently called on leaders to help mentor young people. The number of girls dropping out of school due to early pregnancies is alarming,” Mr Mwale said.
Statistics indicate that that last year alone, over 16,000 girls dropped out of school due to pregnancies; 11,300 of them were from rural areas with most of them in primary school. This limits the possibility of these young people taking up leadership positions.
He said it is worrisome that few girls will be able to contribute to the meaningful development when they drop out at primary level.
Mr Mwale there is need for leaders all levels to step-up and ensure that young people especially girls are mentored to understand the importance of staying in school longer and the benefits it has on them and the nation.
His organisation was hopeful that more interventions will be introduced by Government and other stakeholders to help the girl-child.

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