Letter to the Editor

Local products are of comparable quality

Dear editor,
DURING the state of the nation address on Friday, President Edgar Lungu urged citizens to support Government and Zambian businesses by buying local products whose quality is comparable to imported products.
As BuyZed campaign, we have always advocated local competitiveness. We do not seek blind protectionism as we believe competition enhances business performance.
As stated by President Lungu, we are of the firm view that our products are of comparable quality compared to imported products to an extent that they must compete and hold on to the market share.
Even as we encourage locals to prefer local goods and services, they must compete in all fronts in terms of product quality, availability, distribution, after-sales support and fit for consumption and use.
These are the hallmarks of successful businesses.
Let’s do all we can to support and heed the call by the republican President.
To the local businesses and many farmers in the country, let’s continuously evaluate our products and processes to give maximum value to the end user and get assured of repeat sales.
Founder, BuyZed campaign

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