Letter to the Editor

‘Local is laka’ now costing Chongwe residents

Dear editor,
THE saying that “Local is laka”, is non-applicable in Chongwe where a named contractor has abandoned a road project in the central business district and no one seems to care.

Yes, it is common for our local contractors to cry the loudest once such projects are given to the Chinese, who will work even at night to meet the deadline. But our men opt to go on vacation once they receive the down payment of taxpayers’ money.
Can the powers that be explain to the people of Chongwe on what the way forward is with the road project?
The rains are just around the corner and many will wish this ‘Pave Chongwe’ had not even started because the CBD will be a pond of mud.
Taxi drivers have been mercilessly pushed to park their cars on the pavement of the Great East Road, posing a danger to both the drivers and customers.
Just who is responsible for supervising such projects? Is it the people from Lusaka or Chongwe?

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