Letter to the Editor

Local authorities should regulate posters

Dear editor,
I WISH to commend Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe for directing local authorities in the region to pull down all sex-related advertisements by traditional doctors.
Local authorities are expected to be pro-active and should not wait to be directed or told what to do because ensuring that sanity or cleanliness prevails in their jurisdictions should be their mainstay.
Apart from pulling down sex-related advertisements, I expect local authorities countrywide to extend this exercise to advertisements on other products like herbal medicine, lucky charms, etc. Such advertisements do not just contribute to making our towns dirty but corrupt the morals of citizens.
Local authorities should come up with by-laws that should specifically ban advertising on street poles, boundary walls, etc, and sensitise the public on the consequences of breaking these laws.
Local authorities could also come up with public billboards where people can be placing advertisements at a fee after being approved by the legal department.
This can be a revenue stream for local authorities, unlike the current situation where anyone can stick any poster at any tree, pole or notice board, which has led to people being defrauded.

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