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Load shedding not because of ‘wrong generator’ – Mukanga

ACTING leader of business in the House Yamfwa Mukanga, has refuted claims that Government, through some Zesco engineers, bought a wrong generator at Kariba North Bank power station, which has now caused the load shedding the country is experiencing.
Mr Mukanga, who is Minister of Works and Supply, said the load shedding that the country is facing is as a result of the low water levels in the Kariba Dam.
“It’s not true that Government purchased a wrong type of generator which needed a lot of water for easy electricity generation. This problem is visible in the region, where South Africa and Zimbabwe are load shedding,” he said.
Mr Mukanga was responding to Chongwe member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo, who said load shedding is as a result of government buying a wrong generator.
He said that instead of focusing on finger-pointing, it is paramount that people start looking at alternative energy such as solar energy.
Mr Mukanga said that people should also change their mindset when it comes to electricity consumption.
He said that there are several energy sources which need to be exploited such as windmills and solar.
Mr Mukanga said Government would soon come up with a statutory instrument that will require newly-built houses to have mounted solar geysers before they are occupied.

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