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Livingstone officer fined K40,000 for adultery

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
THE Livingstone main local court on Wednesday heard how a police officer handcuffed the husband of his mistress-cum-work mate and bundled him to a police station after the latter caught them committing adultery.
As if being dragged to the police station while kicking and screaming was not embarrassing enough for the poor driver, his adulterous wife even helped her lover to handcuff him and bundle him into a car for disturbing their sex romp.
The ‘clever’ 29-year-old police officer has however discovered that committing adultery with another man’s wife can be quite costly.
Livingstone principal presiding local court magistrate Harrison Kabwenga has now ordered him to compensate his lover’s husband a whoping K40,000.
Winston Mwansa, 26, a driver, sued Constable Steven Sibote of Livingstone Central Police Camp for committing adultery with his wife.
The court found Sibote guilty of committing adultery with his intake mate, Woman Constable Mweembe Sialwindi, 25, also a police officer between 20:00 hours and 02:00 hours the following morning on December 9, 2015 in Livingstone.
Mr Mwansa told the court that on the material date he tried to call his wife, Sialwindi, but she told him that she was on duty.
He said he became suspicious and went to her workplace where he was told that she was actually not working.
Mr Mwansa said whenever he tried to call her on her mobile phone number the call went unanswered.
He said he eventually managed to locate the house where he suspected his wife could be.
“There was a struggle between me and Sibote until in the end I managed to enter the house where I found my wife sitting on Sibote’s bed. I tried to ask my wife to follow me home, but Sibote handcuffed me and drove me to the police station,” he said.
Mr Mwansa said he was duly married to Sialwindi because he had paid dowry and there was a marriage certificate to confirm the marriage.
And Sibote told the court that he handcuffed Mr Mwansa because he became violent.
“I managed to cuff Winston with the support of his wife who was sitting on my bed. His wife had come to my house because she was scared of being beaten by Winston,” he said.
Sibote said at the police station, they were counselled by the officer-in-charge and it was later concluded that the matter was of a civil nature.
Sialwindi said she was not married as she was only cohabiting with Mr Mwansa because he had not paid any dowry.
She said he was in the habit of beating her after checking her phone.
The court, however, upheld the claim of adultery and slapped a K40,000 fine on Sibote.
“It is not normal that a man and a woman can be in a one-room house in the bedroom from 20:00 hours to 02:00 hours and nothing happens related to sex,” he said.
The court said the two police officers abused their office in dealing with Mr Mwansa.
“You will pay K40,000 in K1,000 monthly instalments and if Winston had claimed for K70,000 this court would still have upheld the claim. There are so many single women out there. Even if she is your work mate, what work was she doing in your bedroom or even in the kitchen?” the magistrate asked.

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