Letter to the Editor

Livingstone needs state-of-the-art stadium

Dear editor,
A STATE-OF-THE-ART stadium or any basic standard stadium in Livingstone can be a plus for the following reasons:
1. The temperatures are high and ideal especially when playing or preparing to play Arab countries. 2. World standard hotel accommodation is available.
2. There is an international airport, which is a requirement for hosting Confederation of African Football games.
3. It can be an added advantage to venues for hosting African Nations Cup matches.
4. Livingstone is near four neighbouring countries, i.e. Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Teams can even fly over to train and tour various places.
5. It is the nation’s tourist capital and such amenities as a stadium are a requirement.
Maramba stadium is 80 percent complete and for sure 20 percent is not that much. We just appeal that Maramba stadium should be put on the priority list.

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