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Livingstone museum begins digital process – Nkombwe

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
THE Livingstone Museum has commenced the digitalisation process of its old archives and collections.
Keeper of ethnography Perrice Nkombwe said the museum commenced the digitalisation process to effectively preserve the old-age collections in digital form.
Speaking in Livingstone yesterday, Ms Nkombwe said the museum has the largest collection of archives in the country.
“The Livingstone museum has got the oldest archives of data that has been collected in this country, it was felt that it is important to ensure that data is digitalized which is a means of creating digital copies of the items that have been collected,” she said.
Ms Nkombwe said the items will be preserved in digital form to ease search and access to data.
She said the development would ease access to data for tourists among other users and earn the museum income.
Ms Nkombwe said that the digitalisation of the museum will also result in more interaction by users with data in the archives.
“We hope that there can more social interaction with the data in the archives because it can easily be shared, we also hope that there will be more interaction and the gaps information that exists will be filled,” she said.
Ms Nkombwe said the museum has the oldest newspapers and stamps among other archives collected in the country.

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