Livestock sector poised to improve in Muchinga

PRESIDENT Lungu at Chishinga Ranch in Kawambwa: EDDIE MWANALEZA/ STATE HOUSE

GOVERNMENT has invested K126 million in improving infrastructure in the livestock sector in five districts in Muchinga province to enhance livestock production.
Government is building milk collection centres, livestock training institutes; livestock market centres, dip tanks and slaughter houses in Nakonde, Mafinga, Mpika, Isoka and Chinsali districts.

Muchinga Province livestock production officer Henry Sichone said in an interview yesterday that some of the projects have been completed, while others are at 60 percent.
“We have embarked on various projects in the livestock sector here in Muchinga. Right now, we have projects taking place in Mafinga, Isoka, Chinsali, Mpika and Nakonde, all aimed at improving livestock production in the province,” Mr Sichone said.
He said lack of infrastructure in the livestock sector in the province has greatly hampered on the growth of the livestock population.
Mr Sichone said Government is also investing in livestock laboratories to effectively diagnose and treat livestock diseases.
He said the training centres being built will also help farmers to acquire knowledge and information on how they can manage their livestock.
Mr Sichone said Government is focusing on improving the livestock sector in the province because it has the capacity to reduce poverty at household level and promote sustainable development in the country.
He said Muchinga currently has 84,272 herds of cattle, 358,791 chickens, 100,033 goats and 46,000 pigs, but that the figure is likely to increase due to policies Government is implementing in the sector.
Mr Sichone said in areas like Chinsali and Mpika districts, where livestock production is low, Government is focusing on empowering local people with livestock.


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