Linda still ‘waiting’ for growth

A HOUSE in Linda Township.

LUCY LUMBE, Livingstone
LINDA Township in Livingstone, the tourist capital of Zambia, has a rich history dating back to days when famous explorer David Livingstone walked the land as a missionary.
This story is occasionally shared by 71-year-old Bennett Moonga, who traces the history of the township back to his ancestor, Mutema Mufwambi, who was nicknamed Linda, after the role he played in waiting on guard duty while his chief moved on to conquer more lands.
Mr Moonga is dedicated to ensuring that the story of how the township was established is shared and understood by future generations.
Mr Moonga says he is a descendant of the Linda clan, down to the fourth generation.
Linda is believed to have been one of the guards of Sebetwane, a chief who finally settled in present-day Western Province, after conquering the Barotse people, now known as Lozi.
A synopsis in the African Journal describes Sebetwane as one of the most notable figures in southern Bantu history, who was a chief of the Patsa branch of the BaFokeng, one of the Sotho tribes.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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