Limulunga la Makuwa turns dark

ONE of the old houses that were first occupied by white settlers. Picture right, Namwaka Malikana, who has lived in Limulunga la Makuwa for 14 years, gives an account of how she came to settle here. PICTURE: ELIZABETH CHATUVELA

LIMULUNGA la Makuwa was the first township in Mongu in the pre-independence era, with the majority of its inhabitants being whites.
It was given the name Limulunga la Makuwa (land of whites) because it was associated with white people that lived there. The name was also meant to distinguish it from Limulunga la Mulena, (king’s land), where the Litunga lives.
Today the settlement has about 7,000 people, according to Mulambwa councillor Mboo Muyunda.
Limulunga la Makuwa is under Mulambwa Ward in Mongu Central constituency and, like any other ward in Western Province, its development agenda is spearheaded by elected members of the Ward Development Committee (WDC).
The current WDC comprises of 12 members, but only five are active.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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