Letter to the Editor

Let’s unite, put God first

Dear editor,
WHAT unites us as a nation today? What can we point at and proudly claim to be all ours without any affiliation or inclination?
Previously, it was football. But now, even that is a source of serious divisions. Brother is rising against brother. People are losing jobs in the field known for uniting rather than dividing.
At national level, our politicians are so divided they are sowing all manner of bad seeds like tribalism. Criminal elements are the only ones uniting to attack and, in some cases, kill innocent souls.
It’s each one for himself and nothing for us all. We have absolutely nothing to proudly point at as a unifying factor. That’s why the enemy thinks he is winning.
Only God can get us out of these trying times. But there is one tiny yet important condition. We need to seek Him first.
We need to seek God first for Him to lead us out of this trying period. He has not turned a blind eye on His people in this highly acclaimed Christian nation.
You see, each time God wants to show off His children, the devil chips in to try us. Satan doesn’t like peace. He is that irritating. But just as we thwart an irritating fly, we can also thwart him if we unite.
A few months ago, a snake entered our yard, and was spotted by my sister.
Everyone in the house came out and joined in to make sure it was killed. The maid who was about to prepare nshima put her plans aside and brought out the pot of hot water.
My wife had a broom, my sister had collected methylated spirit and matches. My younger brother, who was on his way from work, quickened his pace and actually burnt it while I, as the leader of the united front, led my charges with a hoe and stones.
My son and daughter played the role of cheerleaders from the window. Everyone played a role even if it looked insignificant afterwards. That’s what you do to a common enemy.
You work together until he is killed and burnt to ashes.
Whatever has gripped our nation can only be defeated by a united front with God at the front.
There are some who are mocking our leadership and blaming them. Well, even leaders need our prayers for God to guide them on our behalf.
Let us shame the devil by uniting and saying no to his schemes. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to show love for one another.
Unite and pray without ceasing. When you leave home, make sure it’s not for the last time. Pray and God will do the rest.

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