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Let’s unite for development

A HOUSE divided against itself cannot stand, so can’t a country.
Unity is an essential ingredient for meaningful development to take place in any country.
Minister of Defence Edgar Lungu rightly stated recently that development is attainable if only Zambians can work together in harmony.
Unity, which is defined as the state or quality of being in accord or harmony, is instrumental for attaining success in every sphere of life, be it family, organisation, community or nation as a whole.
Anywhere people have stood with a shared vision, focus, purpose and direction has been remarkable success.
Fifty years now, Zambia is proud to be a sovereign state because our forefathers put their differences aside and united for the sole purpose of liberating our beloved country.
As patriotic citizens, we all need to heed Mr Lungu’s call to unite if we are to fully enjoy the abundant natural resources this country is endowed with.
For the sake of development, Zambians should learn to put their religious, political, class and even ethnical differences aside.
We salute our founding father Dr Kenneth Kaunda and other compatriots for laying a solid foundation of unity in our country through the philosophy of ‘One Zambia One Nation’.
It is therefore our responsibility as today’s generation to ensure we build on this foundation otherwise posterity will judge us harshly.
While our forefathers united to give us political emancipation, we also need to unite if we are to achieve economic liberation.
As the minister stated, development is achievable as long as Zambians put national interest above their personal or political interests.
It will not take our country anywhere if we have solutions to some of the challenges the country is grappling with but decide to withhold them because we are not in power.
It is the responsibility of every Zambian citizen to ensure the country attains meaningful development and poverty levels are subdued significantly.
It is retrogressive for opposition political parties, for instance, to frustrate government efforts just to gain political mileage. At the end of the day, it is the country’s development agenda that is derailed.
Zambia at 50, let’s all learn to put national interest first.

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