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‘Let’s fight abuse against children with disabilities’

A NON-GOVERNMENTAL organisation, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), has called for collaborated support from the community in combating child abuse against children with disabilities.
Speaking in an interview recently, CBR senior advisor Alick Nyirenda said it would be vital to sensitise people in the community on the rights of children with disabilities.
“We need to move beyond the traditional system of disseminating information, by engaging in sensitisation campaigns at a more diverse level. We need to train communities to be the focal people that children can turn to when abused,” he said.
Mr Nyirenda called for community incorporation in the legal systems so that the legal implications of abusing children with disabilities are understood by all community members.
He said there is need for concerted efforts by the youth, parents and victims and all the relevant authorities in curbing the abuse against the children.
“I appeal to parents to know that they leave a mark, a mark that is indelible in the mind of the child which leads to mental disturbance and could ruin one’s life in future. Parents must be the first hero of the child and they should be made to feel safe,” he noted.
He also warned culprits who think they could outsmart the law that stiff measures have been put in place and they will pay for their crimes

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