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Let’s embrace hard work culture

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu interacting with Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu (right) after addressing Parliament yesterday. PICTURE: MACKSON WASAMUNU

FROM yesterday after the official opening of the fourth session of the 12th National Assembly by President Edgar Lungu, civil servants should embrace the new mantra ‘managing for results, by doing more with less’.
President Lungu said this is the new mantra that Government has started working with at all levels.
Civil servants may be asking why this mantra now?
It has become necessary for Government to start innovating so that the country’s economy is redeemed.
In June, Government announced wide-ranging austerity measures that are designed to cut down on expenditure and give the treasury a breather.
This entailed, among other measures, curtailing public expenditure such as the commutation of leave days being restricted to cases where resources are available while all Government officials are obliged to take leave and suspending of both foreign and domestic travels for top Government officials.
This measure, which has been implemented for three months now, has already yielded savings of K7 million.
There is more to be done for Government to overcome the current economic challenges the country is going through.
That is why moving forward, Government will be “managing for results by doing more with less” until such a time when the country has adequate resources for all the people of Zambia.
This simply calls for hard work among the rank and file. Workers, irrespective of their category, are expected to put in more than they have done in the past.
For Government to attain fiscal stability, it calls for sacrifice among workers in all the sectors of the economy.
The onus, however, is more on civil servants who get paid from the tax payers.
That is why President Lungu reminded public servants that the money that Government uses to run the country is tax-payers’ money.
The money tax-payers have entrusted Government should be utilised in the most diligent and prudent manner to provide services to the nation.
There should be no exception to hard work, from chief executive officers to cleaners and from politicians to the man on the street.
Further, President Lungu has directed Minister of Finance Bwalya Ng’andu to demonstrate Government’s commitment to doing more with less by ensuring that budget allocations are made to each cluster with cluster members deciding on their priorities and identifying areas they can jointly implement using their comparative advantages and this will be a permanent feature in the budgeting process.
New Secretary to Cabinet Simon Miti has since been mandated to meet the permanent secretaries and senior Government officials, monthly, to inform the civil servants that, in view of the current economic situation, Government needs to work more prudently.
The focus should be on dismantling arrears while curbing further accumulation of the same.
Those tasked with the responsibility of managing the Government’s debt stock have been directed to ensure that stringent measures are actively implemented.
By religiously implementing these measures, Government expects to have meaningful impact on the high poverty levels in the country.
President Lungu’s desire is that the economy should grow at a minimum rate of seven percent per annum.
And it starts with hard work by everyone – putting in everything with passion.
It can be done, just like others have done it elsewhere. It is Zambians’ turn to put on the style of hard work.

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