Letter to the Editor

Let’s dispose of waste responsibly

Dear editor,
LAST week, I was on a public passenger bus in Lusaka.
Shortly after the bus had driven out of Lumumba bus station, a certain man bought a bottle of mineral water.
When he finished drinking the water, he slid a window and threw the empty bottle on to the road.
I was very disappointed that no one saw anything wrong in what this man had done.
As long as we don’t change our mindset towards solid waste disposal, our cities and towns will remain dirty, posing a health hazard.
Public passenger bus operators should instruct their drivers to ensure there is a litter bin in the vehicle where passengers can throw waste.
It is shameful to see adults throwing empty bottles, plastic bags, snack packets and scratch cards for talktime just anyhow without thinking about the effect of such behaviour on the environment.
I am urging all my fellow Zambians to mind where we throw litter.
This is our country and no foreigner will come to make it clean for us.
Let us change our behaviour, please.


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