Let’s display South potential – Hamukale


SOUTHERN Province Minister Edify Hamukale says the region has a lot to offer in entertainment and

Dr Hamukale said this is because the province hosts the tourist capital and urged the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) to be instrumental in exposing talent in the country.
“We have an opportunity to showcase what Zambia has through the development of the creative arts,” he said.
Speaking when ZNBC director general Richard Mwanza paid a courtesy call on him in Livingstone, Dr Hamukale said there were many cultural activities that should be shown to the public.
“I am grateful you are engaging my administration on the National Film Policy. We have the Chikuni Music Festival organised by Radio Chikuni. We have another new festival which will take place in Choma and will be co-ordinated by Choma Maanu and Chikuni radio stations,” Dr Hamukale said.
“I think it will be time for us to identify talent. We will see how we can groom potential actors that we can formally train,” he said.
Dr Hamukale said most Zambian actors did not have formal training but relied on talent and learned from others.
“Perhaps looking into the future, we need to introduce a diploma or degree programme in creative arts and acting, maybe through Evelyn Hone College or the University of Zambia,” he said.
“Wherever you go, you find Nigerian movies on the screens, even in Europe. So, why not Zambian movies?” he asked.
And Mr Mwanza said there is a lot to do especially for Southern Province which has many historic sites following the approval of the National Film Policy
“As ZNBC, we want to collaborate with people in your area. People can make a livelihood out of this by producing films,” he said.

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