‘Let’s curb cybercrime’


MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga has called on institutions of higher learning to partner with the corporate world and devise

initiatives that will complement Government’s quest to curb cybercrime.
Ms Mulenga said Government alone cannot manage to fight cybercrime but will continue to implement laws and policies aimed at curbing the vice.
She said this in Lusaka yesterday during a KPMG security workshop themed: “Effective resilience and response to recent cyber threats”.
KPMG is a cyber-security services firm that helps organisations apply appropriate information security measures by providing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and protection of their most sensitive data assets.
Ms Mulenga said the country needs to continuously collaborate with organisations that have capacity to nip cybercrime in the bud because it is a threat to economic development.
She urged the corporate world to identify and support Zambian youths who can be capacitated with the ability to develop applications that can effectively fight cybercrime.
Ms Mulenga said as much as Government will continue to embrace ICTs in its economic development agenda, it is wary of its downsides such as cybercrime.
And KPMG partner and head of technology and advisory Jason Kazilimani said hosting of the first-ever cyber-security workshop was in response to emerging cyber-security threats globally.
“We need to embrace cyber-security even in our budgetary allocation because cybercrime is a real threat to individuals and government systems,” he said.
And during a presentation, KPMG technology and advisory director John Anyanwu urged Government to formulate cyber-security policies and governance structures.

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