Letter to the Editor

Let’s celebrate festive season responsibly, cautiously

Dear editor,
PEOPLE throughout Zambia celebrate the festive season in different ways. Pomp and splendour characterise the festive season, which comprise Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
Some people celebrate, or rather spend the festive season, by attending church service.
Thereafter, they spend quality time with their families. Other people spend the occasion drinking alcohol, abusing drugs and, above all, engaging in illicit sex. Lastly, others take advantage of the occasion to indulge in criminal activities to make quick money.
The youths are not spared in the above-mentioned vices.
If the above are not bad enough, illicit sex activities among people, notably those intoxicated with beer and drugs, might end up contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including the deadly HIV and AIDS. Reckless women might end up being raped or slain by some men.
Road mishaps also become prevalent during the festive season as some motorists would drive under the influence of alcohol, which is a violation of the road traffic rules.
These road mishaps might result in either fatal injuries or deaths. This should be avoided at all costs.
Over and above anything else, I implore people to celebrate the festive season responsibly by not indulging in illicit activities.
This is not the first festive season, neither the last one to be celebrated.
Our men and women in uniform, the police, should be alert and intensify their operations during the festive season to curb any form of lawlessness. The lawbreakers must be nabbed so that they can face the full wrath of the law.
I wish everyone a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year, and celebrate responsibly as we are looking forward to 2019.

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