‘Let’s buy local products’

MERSH Investments Limited has called on Zambians to support local industries by buying locally-produced products to contribute to job creation and help stabilise the Kwacha.

Company director Evangelos Chatzigiannidis has commended Government for creating a conducive business environment that has seen private sector involvement in developing the performance of various businesses in the country.

In a statement availed to the Daily Mail on Thursday, Mr Chatzigiannidis said promoting Zambian industries will not only boost production of locally-produced products but will also enhance economic stability.
He said having vast experience in the importation of goods from international markets, most imported products have the same specifications with those that are locally produced.
“Buy goods which are manufactured in Zambia so that the Zambian industries get the benefits by creating more jobs. This in turn will make the Zambian currency retain the potency.
“There will be stability in the economy, which will help President Lungu and his ministers fulfil their promises,” Mr Chatzigiannidis said.
He said Zambians should also refrain from discriminating manufacturers based on their tribe and colour or religion.
Mr Chatzigiannidis said some of the local manufacturing industries have exhibited commitment to contribute to poverty reduction through social responsibilities of giving back to the communities in many areas and providing financial support to the less privileged.


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