Letter to the Editor

Let’s bury loved ones with dignity

Dear editor,
I WRITE this letter with a bleeding heart. During the burial of our relative at Chingwere, we were initially allocated some space in between two graves to dig the grave of our relative.
During the process of digging, coffins on the two sides were visible, which made us abandon the site.
Really, if Chingwere and Chunga cemeteries are full to capacity why can’t the local authority secure another piece of land outside Lusaka?
Why should people be paying K200 for burial of their relatives in between lean space and in the process disturb other graves?
Last year some graves were washed away at Chunga cemetery because of allowing burials in undesignated places. The cemetery was awash with bodies and exposed graves.
Let’s bury our loved ones with dignity.
Sad state of affairs at both Chingwere and Chunga cemeteries.

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